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Hook Up Diagrams, FAT and SAT Support

Investing in equipment should never have to be a risk. Testing equipment and reviewing documentation for traceability purposes does a great deal towards lowering the risk of your investment. Accepting the equipment only after completing a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is industry standard, but the process can be overwhelming. A few ways to make an FAT run smoothly include:

Commissioning: Going through testing requirements will help you catch issues earlier.
Standardized checklist: Having a standard checklist of expected tests and documentation can ensure you do not forget critical functions.

Communication with the vendor: Use your checklist as a guideline for what you expect from your vendor. Be sure they have the required documents available prior to the FAT, and allow them a chance to commission the machine before your arrival.

Time: Every FAT comes with unexpected delays. Scheduling more time than you think you need to complete the FAT will pay off. A thorough FAT lowers risk of an investment.

Having appropriate FAT experience will help the process run smoothly and easily. At Pinnacle Technology Services, we have used our experience with FATs and SATs to develop standardize checklists for various equipment and often guide clients through the process.