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Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling

We at Pinnacle  rely heavily on Revit to deliver fully coordinated 3D BIM models, Revit drafting, BIM workflow and bespoke building products for manufacturers and suppliers. With our BIM modeling services, significant improvements can be brought to the process of installation with the improved transition between design and construction. Our Revit BIM modeling services are catered for every building type or project including residential, commercial, industrial, We We at PTS extend architectural 3D modeling using CAD and REVIT Software’s. Our Architectural modeling services covers almost every part of industrial and residential architectural designing. 

Further we support and contribute greatly to your design and provide you with the precise 3D modeling of your design at competitive rates. We are also capable of generating all elements of a BIM model including architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and HVAC model for up to LoD 500. With our experience it is easier to get an exact estimate of the end result of your construction. There are considerable benefits of using Revit, one of which is visualizing the space in 3D and moving away from the traditional way of designing. In addition to providing a digital representation of a building project, we also help our clients with complex projects involving interoperability and collaboration within the design environment for all the models of different disciplines. We further extend our services in the residential housing, multi-storied building or row housing for residential sector or if you are looking for commercial buildings for the industrial domain and mixed-use buildings, healthcare facilities, airports and other construction projects We do customize our services according to the standards of our clients thereby providing the best assurance to them.

Procedure of BIM Execution Plan

1Identify BIM Goals and UsesDefine project and team value through the identification of BIM Goals and Uses
2Design BIM Project Execution and Collaboration ProcessDevelop a process which includes tasks supported by BIM along with information exchanges
3Develop Information ExchangesDevelop the model organization, Level of Development, checking and verifications, roles and responsibilities of the team, design development strategies
4Define Supporting Environment for BIM ImplementationDefine the project infrastructure, software and hardware required to support the developed BIM process

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a data oriented and intelligent digital representation of a facility; from which various object information can be extracted and analyzed according to the user’s needs. Through out the life-cycle of the project, information is generated and used to base all sort of decision making; thus improving the process of delivering the facility.

PTS BIM services are comprised of engineers and IT professionals with extensive experience in supporting projects varying in size and complexity. The projects spectrum span from roads, ports and airports, infrastructures, high quality buildings, etc. This entity offers complete solutions from requirement analysis, budgeting, selection of technologies, implementation, follow-up and training.

It is envisioned that the BIM based/Project Controls solution, is capable of capturing, managing and delivering most of the information, components and processes related to a facility during its full life-cycle.

PTS BIM Services

PTS BIM services offer a wide range of solutions that cover the full project life-cycle including design, tender, construction, hand-over and post-construction.

•Modelling services from LOD 100 TO LOD 500

•Architectural and Structural Modelling

•HVAC ,electrical ,plumbing and fire Protection

•clash detection and resolution

•4D construction sequencing

•5D cost management

•6 D BIM sustainability and energy analysis

•7 D  BIM facilities management and maintenance

•BIM rendering and walkthrough services

•BIM revit family creation

•Point cloud to BIM modelling